Damage to the railway between Morges and Allaman


Non-essential travel was discouraged as long as Covid was a problem and most people were not vaccinated, which was a long time ago now.

Since this morning, most trains (4 out of 6) can again use the line, which is limited to 20 km/h at the site of the disruption.

Rgds, Thomas.

Paul Burkhalter

Today the notice says a few trains can pass, but now the end of disruption is ‘undetermined’.


I guess that they want to minimize the number of passengers on that route so as not to overburden whatever replacement bus service they have put in place. It would take many buses to fit all of the passengers on a 10-14 coach train.


Mike C


Am 11.11.2021 um 14:27 schrieb Andrew Moglestue via groups.io:
How do they define non essential journeys?
They don't define it. Because they don't say, you are not allowed to travel. They say, you might regret having travelled, despite of the interruption ...

Arrival in Genève is about one hour later than normal arrival of an IC.


Andrew Moglestue

How do they define non essential journeys?

I thought we were already supposed to be avoiding non essential travel to make Mr Berset happy about Covid.

Or is that mandate no longer in force?

Or do we now avoid non essential travel that is also non essential, in contrast to the essential non essential travel that we haven't been avoiding?

Paul Burkhalter

This notice is on the SBB website:

Interruption between Morges and Allaman.
Following construction work by an external company, both Lausanne - Genève tracks between Morges and St-Prex at Tolochenaz are no longer passable after the tracks have sunk and large holes have formed.

Due to the obstructions between Lausanne and Geneva, SBB asks passengers to refrain from non-essential journeys on this route. The disruption is expected to last until Friday morning, Nov. 12, 2021.