SBB Chur - Zurich 11/11/21

Adam Daniels

Excuse late report for yesterday, Thurs 11th, again - very painful ankle after far too much walking between high and low levels at Zurich last night...

Leaving RhB metals today, but not before polishing off my only RhB lok out on passenger today, 620, had on RE1729 Landquart - Disentis/M as far as Chur (thanks again DP!).

Headed away from Chur on the 10:08 to Zurich, with dud from Wednesday 460067.
Dumped big bag in locker and headed upstairs for 420/460 watching (no winning 460s produced). Re420 diagrams thus:

611.3 11149
611.5 11147
611.6 11156
611.7 11116
611.8 11126
611.9 11303
611.11 11146
611.12 11141
611.13 11199

I also (as stated above) regularly moved between high level and low level S-Bahn platforms; to be honest I wished I hadn’t bothered as I only netted a single 450 winner - 450100. As it was a lot cheaper than my normal hotels at Hardbrucke my hotel tonight was the Holiday Inn Express Zurich Airport - even the hauled S9s and S15s to Rumlang didn’t net me a winner!

Adam Daniels.