BLS Liveries (Update)

Alan McMillan

I think I've put the debate about the BLS 1976 livery to bed. By accident I found a website that showed models of BLS EWIs in the 1976 livery ( Their models are in 1:32 scale and look fabulous. I emailed them and asked if they could tell me the colour references they used to paint their models. After anly half a hour they very kindly sent me a full drawing of one of the coaches together with an entire paint specification. That specification says that the 1976 blue was RAL 5013 and the cream, RAL 1015. For the BLS Lötschbergbahn livery, the blue was the slightly greyer RAL 5003.
This probably accounts for the slight difference in appearance when a BLS Lötschbergbahn liveried coach and a 1976 liveried coach were seen together.