From 14th May the Summer Lokdienst will be valid. The Pontresina - Scuol trains will then be STZ. According to BFS, 3101 left Chur today, 3103 will follow tomorrow and 3105 on Staurday. Capricorns take over the S-Bahn Chur diagrams.

On 29th October RhB wants to get an entry in the Guiness book of world records. The plan is to couple 25 Capricorns together to form the longest passenger train of the world. 25 Capricorns makes 1.91 km. The train will roll down the Albula line at 30 km/h. Always 4 Capricorns work in MU, thus 7 drivers are required. They will be connected with a telephone line, as radio isn't reliable enough in the tunnels.

In the night from Sunday to Monday a test train with 16 Capricorns was successful

Markus, G├╝rbetal