Conversion of Waldenburg railway to metre gauge

George Raymond

The canton of Basel-Land is moving toward a commitment to widen the 13-km
from Liestal to Waldenburg to metre gauge.

Abandonment of the Waldenburg railway's exotic 75-cm gauge promises
long-term savings on purchases and maintenance by using products already
available for the many other metre-gauge lines in Switzerland and elsewhere.
Plans also include merging the Waldenburg with Baselland Transport (BLT),
which runs Basel’s metre-gauge tram lines 10 and 11 to the suburban towns of
Rodersdorf, Aesch and Dornach.

A window of opportunity is opening in the early 2020s, when SBB will be
rebuilding Liestal station and shifting the Waldenburg’s tracks to
accommodate a fourth standard-gauge SBB track. Also, the Waldenburg’s trains
from the 1980s are not handicapped-accessible. The Waldenburg’s loading
gauge will be widened for rolling stock 2.4 metres wide. Completion is
slated for the end of 2022.

Converting the Waldenburg’s steam locomotive, Gédéon Thommen, would require
an estimated 2 million Swiss francs and private donors.


Martin Baumann

The last 750mm gauge train will be 00:55 Liestal to Waldenburg (3208) on April 6th 2021

Andrew Moglestue

A little, maybe slightly amusing anecdote.

I went to the WB yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to stomp up and down the line a bit and get some pictures. Knowing well that this might well be my last visit.

I wouldn't say there were many photographers about, but i did see a camera here and there.

I discovered one location that I thought might be a good vantage point for taking pictures and saw that two other gentlemen had positioned themselves not far away and held what looked like a super sophisticated video camera.

As I guess rail photographers do in such situations and in the days of Covid, I nodded in greeting while keeping my distance.

Although they didn't say anything, sensed they were not comfortable with me being there.

I then realised the two gentlemen were wearing identical clothes.

A closer look revealed they were actually wearing police uniforms.

Well, I thought, policemen can be enthusiasts too, and maybe they are stopping off to get some footage between jobs or on their way home.

And then I realized they were not pointing the camera at trains but at passing cars, and that it was actually a speed gun.



Can you tell us where this vantage point is located?

So we can also get a nice photo and avoid the speed trap :-)

Chuck Higdon

More than a slightly amusing anecdote.

Take care,