Am 29.02.2020 um 12:32 schrieb Keith Hookham:
Just received the following email from Furka. It may be of interest to you.
Translated via Google.
It's a bit of a pity to send machine translations without editing and removing the worst faults. Not really useful for non-German speakers.

Markus, G├╝rbetal


I must agree with Markus, lovely to have the information, but if you don't
want to check the translation, please put the original up as well, then we
can always do it ourselves.


George Raymond

That is ok. I just wont bother next time.
Cheers Keith
Please do bother next time! I found nothing amiss with your post. You warned us it was Google Translate. I took that into account and got the basic information. As always, those who want more can go into the relevant German-language sites and use Google or DeepL to translate as needed.



Seconded. Keith, please continue with your informative posts. They are always of interest.



Thanks Keith for the information you posted, even if the translation was not perfect, everyone I believe could get the gist of it and it was very interesting