Mail delays


I was asked, why some mails arrive with a considerable delay. The reason is that most SwissRail messages are moderated to avoid SPAM and TOFU.

TOFU is "Text over full quote". The rules of this group say that old messages should be deleted before answering and if a reference is needed, this must be a short quote at the beginning of the mail. This allows to read SwissRail from top to bottom, as we are used to. This might be unimportant for those who read single mails. But there are two other possibilities to read SwissRail: you can set your account to get a digest or no email and read the messages online. In these forms it is annoying to read some messages three times or more often.

Messages that fulfil the requirements are normally approved within a few minutes. Our co-moderator Stefan is very quick in this. Messages that need editing have to wait and are only sent after full quote is removed.

But it should be noted that other reasons exist why mails can be delayed. And finally, don't forget to regularly check your spam filter!

A final word to photo attachments. We have allowed them but asked not to send photos of more than 500 KB. For larger photos and for files we recommend the photo section and the file section of the group.

Markus, group-owner