Mystery green power car at Genève Aéroport


My brother landed at Geneva this afternoon and there is a green power car parked in the tunnel at GVA Aeroport station. I thought I'd be able to identify it immediately (looks like an old GFM car or some such) but it's end cab windows don't match anything I can recall)

Any ideas?

Martin Baumann

BDe 2/4 SWS-SAAS 1938 Originally Sensetalbahn 101 then WM 3 and then Zurcher Museumsbahnen. It has been there for several years. I believe it was for a dinner train operation that never came about

Martin Baumann

I was wrong to say that the dinner train operation never started. The operator is/was Compagnie ferroviaire du Léman and some information in French can be read at

I don't know when they last operated (*), there is no recent online mention of the company I can find and they do not appear to have their own website. They are still listed in the HANDELSREGISTER (the UK equivalent would be registration at Companies' House)

*: 3 was photographed working at Aigle on an unknown date in 2014


Am 26.09.2019 um 18:58 schrieb Martin Baumann:
They are still listed in the HANDELSREGISTER
You better take the direct link to the official entry:

However the company is officially registered at the Federal Office of Transport as
CFDL Compagnie du Chemin de fer du Léman
but its VKM is
DDL Dame du Léman


And then, their licence as Railway Undertaking ended in 2015 so they can't run trains in their own responsibility any more.

The motor coach is registered as
BDe 2/4 94 85 4578 003-3 CH-DDL

Not being fitted with ETCS Level 2, it can no longer be used for extra trains in Lavaux, Lausanne - Villeneuve.

Markus, Gürbetal

Martin Baumann

Thanks for the clarification. Is it known why it is stored at Geneva Airport? SBB presumably charge a lot for storage.

Martin Baumann

This railcar has now been sold to VHMthB in Romanshorn.

It was moved to Bönigen (BLS) works for TK and repaint on 20.06.2020