New group for Swiss modelling interests?


Am 21.10.2020 um 12:52 schrieb gordonwis via
Hi Marcus,
Can I suggest you remove the HO scale bias in the header sentence by
adding a few of the main N gauge manufacturers, eg Arnold,
Fleischmann, Hobbytrain, HAG, Roco, Märklin, Lima, Wesa, Trix, etc.
Thanks for this. I admit that I'm not too familiar with N, but then I should mention Minitrix!

And then, we should now switch over to modelling with this thread...



The new subgroup is now on. Please send modelling questions only to the subgroup. You must be member of the subgroup to post there. There are two ways to become member of the subgroup:

Go to <>
and click "Apply For Membership In This Group"
or send an email to
It isn't possible only to be member of the subgroup. But it is possible to set the main group to no email, if you don't wish to receive messages of the main group

Unfortunately the groups-io-software has a flaw. Those having applied to become a member of the modelling subgroup only become a member of the main group. The system forgets that they also wanted to become a member of the modelling subgroup.

Instead I will add all members who have joined SwissRail after October 18 to the subgroup. I'm under the impression that all those who joined these days did so, because they read about the new subgroup. Please tell me, if the assumption is wrong.

Markus, Gürbetal