New rolling stock for the Rigi


The Rigibahnen company has published in its shareholder letter a drawing of new articulated EMUs that should be ordered from Stadler. It seems that there is still a debate about the number of EMUs to be ordered. As on the GGB there should always be two EMUs per train, furthermore a train every half an hour is planned. Maybe there is a little gap between the number they wolud need and the number they can afford (to pay for).


"Ausgabe Dezember 2018"

Markus, G├╝rbetal

Martin Baumann

The first of 6 Bhe 4/6, 41 to 46, was delivered on September 12 and was derailed at Arth Goldau in the process. Only minor damage was done and 41 was able to start testing under its own power the same day. Passenger use is planned from February.

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