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Ari <space.of.ari@...>

Hello, this is Ari again.

I simply explain to the members why it was written what I posted. The
list is not moderated�Ok I won't post anything in the future, because
I'll leave the list, I didn't receive neither a welcome to join, nor
a thank you for posting, so I suppose I won't receive a "Tch�ss".

I don't know a lot of things about trains but I have the feeling that
the list is too fanatic for me. The R�stigrabben is too deap. I have
no pleasure to read longer these stories of details, in fact I wanted
to join a lively list with active surveys and some pictures�

The bus station in Geneva is alone in Switzerland to be specialised
in the passengers transport ACROSS MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN
SWITZERLAND and other countries. It has been working like that for
years, if it's illegal, I doubt there would be a web site:

Best regards and all the best for the future.

Ari (from Switzerland onelist)