ONElist is now eGroups

Giger-Baumann <giger.baumann@...>

ONElist, the company that has hosted SwissRail, merged several months ago with a
similar company called eGroups. Since then, those lists hosted on the old
eGroups system have been moved to the superior ONElist system, and adjustments
are in progress for them.  At the same time, though, the merged company has been
changing its name to "eGroups." This change is now complete, and the name
"ONElist" is no longer used by the company.

The company assures us, however, that all old e-mail addresses and URL's
containing the word "onelist" will "ALWAYS" work, even though there are now new
ones containing the word "egroups."  You may change your SwissRail posting address
to SwissRail@... if you wish, but SwissRail@... will continue to
work.  You will find the attractive new eGroups web site at either or .

My compliments to eGroups for excellent management of the transition. They make
my role easy!

Markus Giger