Overhaul Intervalls (was Re: BLS Car Trains 09.10.21)

Martin Baumann

The rules for overhauls ("Revisionen") are mileage based but the vehicle must have one at least every six years or after 6 years a techincal inspection ("Technische Kontrolle") to ensure it is still safe to run. The TK is valid for 12 months. Another one can be done after the twelve months are up but after that the vehicle must have at least an R1 overhaul or no longer be used.

BLS and SBB Cargo are good at keeping to these intervals but recently SBB-P have been disregarding them. For example 11200 had R1 20.11.2014 then nothing until R1 05.07.2021

Several of the LION Re 4/4 II have been more than 6 years away from works without even a TK

More details on overhauls in German: https://www.lokifahrer.ch/Lukmanier/Infra/Bahnhof-Depot-Co/Industriewerk.htm