RhB : krok 415

David Prior

Ge 6/6 i lok 415 has not turned a wheel since it finished a week hauling the Davos-Filisur erlebniszug from 5- 11 Sept 2020.

After nearly a year under repair, and wondering what its realistic future was, I contacted the RhB Club, to be honest without expecting too much back. Within a few days I received the following which will be of interest to others I’m sure. Well done RhB.

“ I have just received feedback from the workshop. The Crocodile 415 will be completely renovated both mechanically and electrically. The external audits of various components take a lot of time. Currently, the schedule is that we will complete the revision by the end of October / mid-November and then probably do about a month of commissioning and test drives. Operationally, it should be ready for use again by the end of the year at the latest. 

Clive Dean

Great news.  Hopefully might get to ride behind it again next year.