RhB : list of Ge6/6ii passenger diagrams Oct 2020

David Prior


File uploaded showing daily Ge 6/6ii passenger diagrams in folder RhB. No guarantees they actually worked. (Apologies if this is not the optimal folder or of no/limited interest - if this info is worthwhile I’m happy to be guided where it best belongs : Nov sheet under compilation).

Shows a clear pattern of which trains are a good bet (4109/1113), and which not (4367).


Am 02.11.2020 um 22:32 schrieb David Prior via groups.io:
in folder RhB. [...] (Apologies if this is not the optimal folder
Perfect place! If anybody has doubts as to where he might upload interesting stuff, don't hesitate to contact the moderators at


Mick Sasse

... and most assuredly of interest, I would say (well, subject to travel restrictions one day being lifted!).

Thanks for sharing