SBB Ama 832 (Alstom H3)

Martin Baumann

SBB have ten Hybrid locos on order from Alstom.They have been leasing the type from Südleasing since 2017 and it has been operated by both SBB Cargo Deutschland and SBB Cargo in Swtizerland.

The H3 is a three axle off centre cab design. A-A-A not Co.

It has a 475hp diesel motor which is used to charge the traction batteries when they run low. The rating on battery power is also 475hp or 350kw.

The locos weigh 67 tonnes, are 12.800m long and cabable of 100 km/h. The Swiss registred ones will have ETCS.

On lease from Südleasing

90 80 1002 019-0 D-ALS 12.2018 returned 06.2020, now leased to DB and in use at Basel Badischer Bahnhof
98 80 1002 022-4 D-ALS 07.2017
90 80 1002 023-2 D-ALS 07.2017
90 80 1002 025-7 D-ALS 01.2018 returned 01.2021, now leased to METRANS, Leipzig
90 80 1002 035-6 D-ALS 06.2020

The ten on order were originally to be registered in Germany as 90 80 1002 101 to 112 but will now be 98 85 5832 001 to 012

Under the old classification system they would be Ama 3/3 and this designation appears under "type of vehicle (national)" in the rollingstock register


Am 30.09.2021 um 16:29 schrieb Martin Baumann:
The H3 is a three axle off centre cab design. A-A-A not Co.
On the continent more commonly written as A'AA' (this shows which one is the rigid axle).

Markus, Gürbetal


one of these locos was parked at Basel Badischer Bahnhof last week, with an SBB Cargo Bo-Bo - sorry i do not know which H3 it was


How do you get 101-112 for 10 locomotives?

Mike C

Martin Baumann

Sorry, typo. 12 ordered