[SBB] Where does the TGV run in Switzerland

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Betreff: [SBB] Where does the TGV run in Switzerland
| I will be in Switzerland in February, and would like to see the TGV. Where
| in Switzerland does it run / stop?

TGV run
to Gen�ve (entering Switzerland at La Plaine)
to Lausanne (entering Switzerland at Vallorbe)
to Neuch�tel - Bern - Z�rich HB (entering Switzerland at La Verri�re)
The last one is the only run where it is possible to ride a TGV within
In Gen�ve you will find two-system (bi-courant) TGV, the rest needs additional
equipment (tri-courant), so only trainsets 110-118 can be seen. Train 112 is
owned by SBB. All are now blue (were orange before).

Markus Giger

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I seem to remember that there is a special TGV 'snow' train going in
Switzerland from geneve to martigny-sion-brig in the winter months ??

was that only a one year wonder ?
No, but a Saturday-only operation from Jan 6 thru Apr 14. It runs to Brig,
arriving 13.56 and restarts at 17.04. It is also one of the 110-118 trainsets.
Thus TGV Lutetia Paris - Z�rich is a daily except Saturday run.