Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 12/2000

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Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 1/2001 has just arrived.
Besides some international news, Swiss topics, most with high-quality colour pictures, are (in alphabetical order!):
  • ADtranz – Bombardier merger delayed by Brussels commerce commission.
  • ADtranz Swiss-built (last of Tramont!!) Talgo 350 locomotive "el pato" (the duck) reaches 300 km/h on Madrid – Sevilla.
  • BLS tests DB 185 001and 003 on top of 3300 t train. It shows that power of these locomotives is 5.6 MW (instead of 4.2 MW indicated untill now).
  • BT "Gold-Express" for ski fans (world championship 2001-01-29 thru 2001-02-10) Uznach – St. Gallen – St. Anton am Arlberg (AT), Re 456 093 got special paint for this.
  • FO 14th investment bill secured, worth CHF 13.9m, allows rebuild of Brig narrow gauge station trackwork (already under construction).
  • GFM, now TPF, with sugar-beet extras.
  • Hupac with first Taurus locomotive 1116.901, two more to follow (no indication of future use of these locomotives).
  • JBH decides to maintain WAB on full length and orders 4 more JB trainsets like 211-214
  • JBH WAB modernisation of Grindelwald – Kleine Scheidegg. A train every 30 min needs 3 compositions with higher maximum speed in 25% than BDeh 101-124. One composition can be formed with two of the existing BDeh 4/8 131-134 with an additional 6-axle driving trailer of BDt 241-244 type. Two compositions to be formed each of two new ZGTW 4/8 141-144, seating 2+2, width 2.3m. Double track Brandegg – Rohr and longer passing loop in Strättli also needed. Total investment CHF 47m. Annual energy consumption to be reduced from 8 GWh to 6.5 GWh thanks to regenerative braking of new trainsets.
  • LEB going to Lausanne Flon since May (connection with TSOL and LO)
  • LSE now with four Alpine Liners B 81-84 ex 41-44 of 1964
  • MBS (AT) ET 10.109 and 110 on first test runs in Bussnang (MThB)
  • MODALOHR (FR) new piggyback car for low clearance
  • MThB and SBB interested in German IR Karlsruhe – Konstanz
  • MThB Re 486 054 tested on SOB
  • OeBB will loose most passenger trains starting June 2001, replacement by busses [SER is wrong to blame OeBB for this as it is a decision of Canton Solothurn]
  • RhB Vereinatunnel gets light for emergency way out
  • RM Re 436 113 starts work on SBB Gotthard route after beeing fitted with ZUB and radio; other four (111, 112, 114, 115) to follow, maintenance will be done in Erstfeld.
  • S-Bahn Zentralschweiz (Luzern) to start in 2004
  • SBB actually only has two regular trains per day with remote controlled Ref 460 (out of 21 Ref 460), but more locomotives are to follow
  • SBB CEO decides green cargo locomotives to become red again
  • SBB changes Cargo management
  • SBB IC 2000 Bistro car introduced
  • SBB IC 2000 fire of 2000-10-17 with only little damage but fault in wiring detected. This caused wrong ventilation to stop after smoke was detected. Thus smoke was blown in passenger compartment.
  • SBB new paint for EW IV A 10-75 065, B 21-75 038 and Bt 28-94 905
  • SBB NPZ with Bt 29-34 921 on top collided in Courtelary with Tem" 295 and two freight cars (2000-12-05, 08.19 h)
  • SBB NPZ with Bt 29-34 923 on top and AB 39-35 047 behind collided in Lyss with shunter (2000-12-08, train 4301)
  • SBB opened Adlertunnel between Muttenz and Liestal (7134 m of new line, 5345 m in tunnel)
  • SBB opened maintenance center and layover-yard Zürich Herdern (24 tracks)
  • SBB plans new Zürich HB underground station connecting Wiedikon (and possibly Altstetten) with Örlikon, rails will be at 392.0 m level [Zürich HB track 21-24 = 393.9 m, track 1-2 SZU = 395.9 m, track 3-18 = 407.6 m]
  • SBB plans to buy 29 ICN, 110 or 120 IC 2000 cars and motor coaches, 43 Bt EC/EW IV and to rebuild 35 EW IV A into AD
  • SBB RAe TEE will probably be refurbished in ÖBB HW Wien Florisdorf
  • SBB S3 collision in BLS Bern Weissenbühl of 1999-11-01: engineer found guilty and punished with 2.5 months
  • SBB settled with unions about salaries
  • SBB signal box Baden not safe (fault detected, speed limit 40 km/h since Nov 2)
  • SBB/KLB/IGG standard gauge tracks Luzern – Kriens – Horw
  • SIG sells its interests in "Fiat-SIG Schienenfahrzeuge AG" which will probably become "Alstom Schienenfahrzeuge"
  • SOB Am 846 461 (SER again writes 864 461) in commercial use Baden – Zürich Mülligen for Post
  • SVB gets CHF 19.4m from Canton to buy 15 Combino trams (total cost 43.6m)
  • TPC to further reduce tramway timetable in Bex
  • US Thrall Car Manufactory Company to open office in Winterthur
Markus Giger