Vectrons in Switzerland


This expands from a previous topic related to the Hupac Vectron locomotives.

The SBB declined to lease the four locomotives (193 490-494) from Hupac, but has since leased 20 locomotives from Suedleasing.
Does anybody have precise information as to why the SBB rejected the Hupac machines? Was it technical, financial or other?
Has this had any downside for relations between SBBC and Hupac?

I was surprised to see that none of the new (Suedleasing) locomotives inherited the name "Rhein" which was originally given to 193 492 when it carried the "Nightpiercer" livery. It may still come back to life in the second batch (526-535).

This is the list of names associated with the Suedleasing locomotives:
516 Aare
517 Adda
518 Ticino “Ceneri 2020”
519 Adige
520 Diveria
521 Donau (Danube)
522 Elbe
523 Lahn
524 Limmat
525 Rotterdam (Hollandpiercer)


Mike C